Prague, Czech Republic

Age of Failon is coming in Jan2024

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Game description

TBS – Game system

The game is built on a turn-based system. On the game map, one turn represents one game day, with each hero receiving a certain amount of movement points that determine how far they can move that turn. During a player’s turn, he can build one building in his city. Individual players take turns taking turns and the others wait for the previous player to complete their turn.

When encountering a group monster or an enemy hero, combat begins, which also takes place based on the turn system. The player who has the fastest on his side starts, in case of a match the attacker starts.


Heroes gain experience during the game. When a hero gains enough experience, he automatically levels up. The hero can also acquire passive abilities that are then used in combat.
Here, the player plays different maps with the hero, but unlike other turn-based strategies, the progress of the hero and the city is saved here.


There are 7 levels of buildings that a player can build in a certain system. Each building can be “upgraded” to a higher level, which improves the units as well. After fulfilling the conditions, the player can advance to other times, which gives him improved combat units.


All units and buildings in the city are bought by the player with raw materials, of which there are a total of seven types. The basic raw materials are gold, wood, and stone. Rarer raw materials include crystals, gems, sulfur, and mercury.


The player can be rewarded or find an artifact. Artifacts increase the “stats” of the hero and also have passive effects, making the hero and the units in battle much stronger.